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I woke up one morning with the word Noya on my lips with no idea of its origin.

After one look ;the top header defined :

Noya in Hebrew means "beauty of god." Noya is also derived from Hindi word Naya meaning “New, Renewal, Fresh”.

It was the perfect name for my Interior LOVE.

Interior Design,Objet's d'Art and functional products

is the Final stage to complete

the vision of the Client and the Architectural design.

I perceive it as "Putting  the Lights on" to catch sight of  the harmony

between elements and finally appreciate the Space.



 01 / 01 / 2018

Wine Tasting & Aging Facility

Project Type: Rural Farm

Project Extent: 500m²

Site Extent : 44 ha

A Classic Rustic Design with a Contemporary Twist. A combination of concrete screeds , authentic woods and warm copper and glass  finishes. These compliment the notes and tastes of the finest wines and Mcc's available in Durbanville.

Bellville ~ De Lange Street


01   /  02  /   2019

Common Social Areas in Office Building

Project Type: Office Renovation

Project Extent: 2122 m²

Site Extent : 2372 m²

Modern Eclectic Design with a touch of Classical Order. Rich warm colours and textures combine for a comfortable yet stylish social space.

House Nel ~ Durbanville

Interior Renovation

01   /  01  /   2018

Residence Interior

Project Type: House

Project Extent: 330m²

Site Extent : 1264 m²

African Chic , Rustic to Contemporary Modern Design Elements created a serendipitous collision of Design.

A dominant Blue and Gray palette with textures of Oak, leather and metals  and Floral Highlights brings it all together.

Canto Residence ~ Durbanville

Interior Design

01   /  01  /   2019

Residence Interior

Project Type: House

Project Extent: 1500m²

Site Extent : 44 ha

Contemporary Farmhouse Chic

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